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RJC A350 - Automatic Press

22 de October de 2019

Our latest piece of engineering for ceramic production on its way to installation. 

 With a 100% automated control, this equipment is composed by several modules starting from the feeder and cutter of clay, press with extraction and  customizable finishing.

It has capacity for pieces starting at 200m  up to 450mm  in diameter and staring from 10mm to 200mm in height , ensuring a production that varies from 650 to 1100 pieces by hour depending on the raw material and finishing with low human intervention.

This system also connects a support feeder for the pieces transportation including a waste separation system for future reuse. 

All this is monitored and controlled using a touch-screeen control panel where the software is custom designed.

The safety factor of the system is strongly implemented using several solutions in order to protect the operators and the handling of the system.

RJC S.A. will also ensure all the training and on-site and remote technical support to the customer.