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RJC Dip Glazing Machine

5 de July de 2024

Production of New Version RJC Dip Glazing Systems. Our glazing solutions are always tailored to the customer. This glazing equipment is ideal for ensuring glazing quality on a production line of ceramic pieces.

This dipping machine comes from a completely new design with greater robustness and reliability, which makes it possible to glaze larger pieces (in this case 500mm wide), as well as making it easier to clean and change the product. As it has two separate glass vats, each with its own pump, it can be used to glaze two different glasses at the same time.

IMG_8677 - cópia

A new operating mode has also been developed which allows the edge of the piece to be glazed inside and out at the same level and with minimal oscillation of the glass line, without eliminating the previous mode of glazing by dipping with and without reflow, all programmable on the console.

This machine controls the height, inclination, movement speed, stop times and rotation speed of the pieces at each stage of the glazing cycle and in the draining step. It also controls the vacuum and the speed of the glass pumps to ensure optimum agitation and reflow. All these parameters are stored in programs, making it easy to change the piece or glass.

Special suction cups have also been developed along with this machine to support larger pieces and ensure that the piece entering the glass is level.